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Seeds & Fruit Toppings

Almonds (Meal/Slices, Blanched or Natural) 11.34kg
Candied Orange Peel 10kg
Chocolate Chips 20kg

Chocolate Sticks 15x1.6kg
Cocoa Powder 22/24 22.68kg 
Coconut Shred (Any Size) 11.34kg
Fine Sugar 20kg 
Flaxseed 22.68kg
Fried Onion 10kg 
Honey 15kg 
Icing Sugar 20kg 
Keks Mix 10kg 
Oat Flakes (Large) 22.68kg
Poppy Seed Australian 22.68kg
Pumpkin Seeds 25kg 
Raisins (Iranian) 12.5kg
Sesame Seeds 22.68kg
Sunflower Seeds 22.68kg
Walnuts (Light Small Pieces) 13.6kg 
White Stipple Danish Icing 15kg 
Whole and Pure Bread Mix 25kg


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