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At Toro International, we take our gluten-free designation very seriously. All of our gluten-free ingredients are stored at a separate gluten-free facility. We have a close partnership with our exclusively gluten-free mill and we provide full CoA, specification sheets, and allergen reports for all our gluten-free products. 

In addition to the selection we maintain at our distribution warehouse, we are always open to sourcing any products you may be interested in. Please do not hesitate to inquire and we'll be happy to check in with our various suppliers and see what we can do!

Gluten-Free Selection

Arrowroot Starch 25kg

Brown Rice Flour 22.68kg

Chickpea Flour 22.68kg

Fava Bean Flour 25kg

Millet Flour 25kg

Oat Flour 20kg

Potato Flakes 25kg

Potato Flour 25kg

Potato Starch 25kg

Quinoa Flour 25kg

Rolled Oats 22.68kg

Sorghum Flour 22.68kg

Sweet White Rice Flour 20kg

Tapioca Starch 25kg

Teff Flour 22.68kg

White Rice Flour 22.68kg

Xanthan Gum 25kg

Additional Items of Interest

Chocolate Chips 20kg

Cocoa Powder 22.68lbs

Coconut Shred 11.34kg

Fine Sugar 20kg

Flaxseed 22.68kg

Icing Sugar 20kg

Margarine - Wide Variety (Please Inquire) 20kg

Poppy Seed Australian 22.68kg

Pumpkin Seeds 25kg

Raisins Dried 12.5kg

Sesame seed 22.68kg

Shortening 20kg

Sunflower Seeds 22.68kg

Frozen Breads

Coming Soon: A variety of ready-to-bake frozen gluten-free breads!

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